The immersion principle

It takes an immersion to feel something shift and change in you. You really can't learn Spanish once/week for an hour. Well....maybe you can but it's not the same as picking up inflections and mannerisms and stuff that just doesn't translate. 

So this month calls for a "blue" watery feel, according to the articles being showcased. And so let me immerse myself in blue-ness in practise and prose.

I've noticed in my travels, New Mexico, Australian desert, that when the landscape is harsh, the sky seems to compensate by providing an expanse of openness that cools the soul.  By that I mean the sky makes you feel unstuck and provides the backdrop for moving forward. It moves the eyes out of their direct focus and takes in the whole picture.

So if you're outside, and feeling stuck within, look up and out and take in the blue. If you feel blue, see blue. It's a hair of the dog that bit you kind of thing. :)

Sandra RadjaComment