The travel cure for getting unstuck

I've noticed in my travels, New Mexico, Australian desert, Utah, that when the landscape is harsh, the sky seems to compensate by providing an expanse of openness that cools the soul.  By that I mean the sky makes you feel unstuck and provides the backdrop for moving forward. It moves the eyes out of their direct focus and takes in the whole picture.

Dry desert spaces are light. It’s good for heavy feelings, especially if the feelings are created by the mundane, listless routines in your life.

Include a conscious travel itinerary of open space especially if you work in an office environment. Placing yourself by the hotel swimming pool may not offer the clarity you seek, simply a relaxed familiarity. The great part about this kind of agenda is that in so much space you can find alone time, the right kind of alone time, not the lonely type but the mind clearing type.

When you’re looking out on a vista and your eyes can’t absorb the panoramic magnificence, you can feel very small, and it feels really good to be put in perspective with the world at large.

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