The feminine curves celebrated in this angry violent world

Follow the Ayurvedic principles that apply to you and it seems impossible to not soften. The whole anti aging idea is to keep the rasa, or juice, alive and moving. It's this juice that adds a feeling of moistness to the skin, allows prana to flow freely through the body to reach all the cells. It lubricates joints and keeps the eyes glossy and clear.

The feminine ideal has been butchered in a violent world.

I once suggested in a workshop that as women we could begin to swing our hips when we walk to bring back the curve. With the sit down toilet and the sit down lifestyle we rarely get to work that pelvic area unless we are exercising it. Women's postures in traditional society's remain upright and strong because of their daily use of the squat. 

I've noticed a thickening of waists in women in western society as the liver finds it more difficult to break down fats from anger/alcohol abuse. So bring in more twists in your yoga asanas to squeeze and relieve the liver and spleen, wear cool colours, take time out to say "fuck it I don't want to rush today" and do your daily oil massage are some ideas to bring back some of the water element in your being.

Relish the feminine. We all need it.

Sandra RadjaComment