Whom the Gods love die young

Oh the fallen artist with their talents of entertainment, bringing the world of neverland to our mundane lives. Oh the sensitivity that is too much for this earthly plane. The lives of those that burst into flames, just way too young to die.

But dying comes in different forms and perhaps the lessons of those that live life so bright are here to not only teach us to seek our unique expression but to shed ourselves to the point of surrender. I once had a vision walking in the street of myself in a coffin.  In broad daylight, I saw myself, young and at peace. In a moment it was gone but it felt so real, to this day I feel it's presence. That was 12 years ago and just before my Indian sojourn. Life had thrown my way a big personal change and it just kept changing beyond anything I had known before.

When I told others they were horrified, that i had lost my mind - I couldn't explain to them how it made me feel free and calm and....happy. 

That was the most dramatic death I've felt in this lifetime.  I've had mini sheddings but nothing so profound. When I think back to the time before the "death" if feels like I'm talking about another person, someone I vaguely know but have no familiar contact with.

Any opportunity that presents itself as hardship possibly gives you the chance to "die" a little. Death is merely a channel for refinement. Deciding to follow a path of healing may look like this - you may leave things behind, leaving enough to make you feel young and reborn by the end of it all.

Whom the Gods love die young”, was said of yore,
And many deaths do they escape by this:
The death of friends, and that which slays even more -
The death of friendship, love, youth, all that is
Except mere breath; and since the silent shore
Awaits at last even those who longest miss
The old archer’s shafts, perhaps the early grave
Which men weep over, may be meant to save.”
— Lord Byron "Don Juan"
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