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12 years a slave - Solomon Northup gives good advice on Ojas

Sandra RadjaComment

Oh lord.  I ate my dinner then settled down to a movie.  12 years a slave was it.  And although I appreciated how incredible it was, watching that violence after eating wasn't ideal. I had the splayed fingers effect - make them stop beating him! I get they were drilling home a point but bloody hell, what brutes we were as a human race.  I guess we still are in some parts of the world. 

But here is my point.  I really liked what he said to his fellow slaves about not despairing. Especially the women that lost her children at the beginning. And in Ayurveda we would say that it can ruin your Ojas (immunity) so completely you cannot recover. To experience an emotion to it's completion is important as suppression can also cause disease.  There is, however, a fine point to be acknowledged when you must decide the end point and move on, lest you ruin the ability to recover again.  And not only with emotions but you're creating the environment/opening the gate for the body to pick up any pathogens floating about.

And Solomon, the champion, well he kept his spirit alive and strong along with his belief to carry on, and he does eventually get rescued (splayed fingers removed) . Honestly, what in your life could be as bad as what this guy went through.

Tonight we do Bambi.