Sandra RadjaComment

One guy on the street and his ideas of madness

Sandra RadjaComment

Who's mad?  Who's insane?  Who's throwing stones out there living in glass houses - they better be double glazed and energy efficient!  Hee haw!

From one distance this guy, Chris Conners, looks like a crackpot.  From a closer distance he is gentle and passionate and maybe he's onto something, maybe not.  I don't know. I didn't sense a heavy presence in him. 

I missed the first part of our conversation which was the best.  We talked about the evils of our local newspaper, how he has found some connections of Masonic like spells throughout the paper, how he lived on a pentagon and it's influence on making him sick.  Somehow Iggy Pop and the Rolling Stones have predicted future disasters.  I couldn't quite make out what Lady Gaga was supposed to have done. 

Here I am in the frenzy of Melbourne, with the ants going their way, spending their dollars on stuff and here I encounter this conversation that intrigued me and entertained me better than a theatre show.

And that other guy that stepped into our conversation.  He thinks you need to revisit your Christian message marketing. He might be right. But what a vision board! I immediately thought of Shirodhara as a treatment to give pause to allow in the calm. It's a tough life when there are so many thoughts going on there isn't a gap to see yourself from the outside in.  Most of us lie on that spectrum.

Chris Conners, I wish you well.  I hope you find the peace you're seeking.