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Your passion inspires my own passion

Sandra RadjaComment

It has been a great week so far, for some reason folks are collectively singing the blues or cheering their wins.  I want to bring these clients together and have them realise they are all part of the same team.  I feel like a conductor sometimes, just holding the orchestra together so each individual stays in tune.

On occasion, away from the office, I like to peak over the ledge and see what everyone is doing out there. It's kind of like a pick me up to hear about someone trying to make their expression felt and heard. And I'm bringing them to me.

I have left the world of travel (over 15 years of it) to settle down.  That only means I go to the same place each day to refine something I love.  Part of that is helping the locals out.  And part of it is writing stories.  

I just want to say thank you.  Your stories feed my soul and make me feel alive.