About the vision

“No doctor since the beginning of time has ever cured a patient. No doctor ever will, for Nature alone can cure. Physicians are not meant to work wonders or perform miracles. A true physician is a teacher who helps his or her patients work through their problems at all levels. ”


Ayurveda can be thought of as a system of nature observation, of reconciling your nature with mother nature. It relies on being able to describe the world in qualities - the better your imagination, the more in depth the descriptions. For this reason, I believe the creative lens to be an adjunct in healing and the purpose of this site is to enliven the art of Ayurveda. And so, in a big mishmash of personal observations mixed with the scripted truths of Ayurveda, I hope to inspire creativity as a channel to express your well being.

I have some wild ideas. They are a blend of my life's journey - extensive world travel to satisfy my large curiosity for the world's diversity, accounting jobs from large corporations to a Buddhist non profit, yoga teacher training and practise as the portal into the relativity paradigm, and qualifying to practise Ayurveda as a practitioner to learn the philosophy of nature and bring it all together. 

My teacher (guru), Dr Vasant Lad, amongst others, inspired me to heal myself. Every time he started the class drawing Ganesha on the whiteboard he reminded me to always check in with myself first, before I went out into the world, before I offered my services.

For that profound offering, I dedicate this work.

x Sandra


SANDRA RADJA - Writer, Art & Music Lover, Rescue Dogs Supporter and Small Business Fan.