SANDRA RADJA -  Certified Practising Accountant / Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist / Ayurvedic Yoga certified / Aspiring Writer

SANDRA RADJA -  Certified Practising Accountant / Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist / Ayurvedic Yoga certified / Aspiring Writer

My personal story began on the road. A background in business formed my structure and made me money to travel the world between jobs. I called travelling "impressions on my soul" and I couldn't get enough in my system (20 years later). It was on the road I learned to see the good as flow and the bad as interesting. It's where I naturally became an astute observer and a storyteller. It's where I got to meet many cultures and ways of being, and learned there was 7.5 billion ways to see God.

My personal life took an about turn at 29. I found myself going through a major life change and alone in a foreign country deciding whether to spend my days in the bar or in the yoga studio. By grace, proximity, clever marketing and the book Autobiography of a Yogi, I was swayed towards the yoga studio where an exotic Turkish woman introduced me to the inner world. Through that studio I also made contact with a nurse that told me about an orphanage in the south of India I could volunteer at.  What started out as a 3 month trip to India to get my yoga teacher certification, turned into a one year journey discovering the ideas around Buddhism, the Indian style of indirect journeying, the importance of communal eating, learning compassion working with severely handicapped kids at an orphanage, slowing down, abstinence of alcohol, and the introduction of my life long addiction to masala chai.

In my eternal quest for a path that directed the betterment of my self, I found something was missing from my yoga practise I couldn't quite put my finger on. Suffering severe sciatic nerve disorders, reproductive issues, and IBS, my intense attitude to yoga seemed to make it worse. I came across the book by Dr David Frawley called Ayurveda and Yoga and it completed the package. All of a sudden I saw the human end of my spirit journey. All of a sudden I had the idea of how to practically organise my life for optimum functioning for not just my spirit life but also my creative pursuits and a clearer view of my relationships. I finally found a system not unlike the debit/credit yin/yang law of opposites I could relate to. Ayurveda kept it real in this world.

No doctor since the beginning of time has ever cured a patient. No doctor ever will, for Nature alone can cure. Physicians are not meant to work wonders or perform miracles. A true physician is a teacher who helps his or her patients work through their problems at all levels.
— Dr Robert E Svoboda

I studied the foundation of clinical practice (CAS), body therapies (PKS) and Ayurvedic Yoga training (AYT) at the California College of Ayurveda, did a Gurukula program with Dr Vasant Lad in Pune (India), spent time learning the south Indian body therapies in an Ayurvedic eco hospital called Vaidyagrama and mentored with Dr Claudia Welch , who specializes in women’s health.  I am learning all the time with the many wonderful teachers that have taken the core teachings from the Ayurvedic classical texts and adapted it to today. 

Ayurveda can be thought of as a system of nature observation, of reconciling your nature with mother nature. It relies on being able to describe the world in qualities - the better your imagination, the more in depth the descriptions. For this reason, I believe the creative lens to be an adjunct in healing and the purpose of this site is to enliven the art of Ayurveda. And so, in a big mishmash of personal stories mixed with the foundational scripted truths of Ayurveda, I hope to inspire more emphasis on your gifts and strengths than disease.There is a part of Ayurveda, the natural constitution aspect, we don't observe enough of, that's like a secret door - if you focus on your good, then some kind of Alice Wonderland adventure starts to happen.

I have had a practise for the past 6 years, working in Portland OR, Castlemaine VIC, and now in Melbourne. I am also working on a new concept to inspire women in creative small businesses to adopt the principles of Ayurveda in their business practise via my ideas in Artisan Wellbeing.

My Vata dreams of creative, out-of-the-box expressions of this natural law framework. My Pitta organises it here and envisions the practical online programs of positive body image.

Thanks for visiting. May you believe in your greatest good.

Love, Sandra

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